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PDF Multi Watermarker does just what it says, it allows you to add a watermark to all of the pages of a pdf document.

The watermarks are deemed to be Multi because they always appear on the displayed and printed document.

The watermarks are not the normal traditional watermarks as applied by Adobe Acrobat and they cannot be removed from the document by the use of Adobe Acrobat's "Remove Watermark" feature. Like all PDF documents, however, any object may be removed from a page by using Adobe Acrobat or any other of the many PDF object removal programs available.

PDF Multi Watermarker applies the watermarks to every page and the watermarks become part of that page. This means that to remove the watermark objects would require each page of the document to be processed individually to remove all of the watermarks from the document.

Because the watermarks cannot be easily removed PDF Multi Watermarker will never apply them to your original document. A copy of the document is created and it is to this copy that the watermarks are applied.

The program will allow you to add up to four separate text and one image watermark.

The text watermarks are:-

  1. Top text which has an initial position at the top of the page
  2. Middle text which has an initial position in the middle of the page
  3. Bottom text which has an initial position at the bottom of the page
  4. Tiled text where a piece of text is repeated in a tiled fashion across the whole page

The top, middle and bottom text can each be moved to anywhere on the page and can in fact overlap each other so the terms top, middle and bottom are convenience terms that indicate their initial position only.

The tiled text cannot be moved as it would be at odds with the fact that it is tiled across the whole page.

All of these separate pieces of text may each have the following attributes altered.

  • The Alignment, left, centre or right justified within their own area
  • The font
  • The font size
  • The color
  • The color’s opacity
  • Outline
  • Outline color
  • The position on the page (Not applicable to the tiled watermark)
  • The angle at which they appear on the page

In addition the tiled watermark may have the spacing between the tiled elements altered.

The image watermark may be any image in jpg, png, tif or gif format.

The image may be placed at any one of nine preset places or may be tiled across the whole page.

The following attributes may be altered by the user

  • Image size
  • Image opacity
  • Spacing between the tiled elements

The watermarks are applied to all of the pages in the document. It is not possible to set the watermarks on a page by page basis.


The program is available for purchase on the Apple App Store. Click on the above button to view it there.

System Requirements

Apple Computer (Intel 64 bit)

Minimum OS of 10.7


© 2012 Jim Graham